Candy Sushi

Crazy treats that only Japan has to offer, whatever do we mean?

Exhibit A - a DIY kit where you make "sushi" from various powders and soft candy. Don't worry, it doesn't actually taste like sushi, it just really looks like it.

A bit of background for you, the intended audience of Kracie's Popin'Cookin' line up of DIY kits is Japanese children, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun for adults too. These do-it-yourself candies are kid friendly because they contain no artificial colors or preservatives but are fortified with calcium.

If you haven't seen the kit in action, it really will blow your mind to see powder and water combine and transform into candy in the form of "rice", "egg", "fish eggs", and "tuna". Magic.

Of course the box and instructions are all in Japanese, but don't worry because we've got you covered with English instructions in your Big Candy Box.

Make sure to check out our unboxing, making, and taste-test videos.

You can also follow along with Kracie's official "how-to" video:

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- Your friends @CandyBoxJapan