Can I order a single box?

Yes you can!

Once we receive your order we'll choose the latest seasonal Japanese candies, DIY kits, and even candy dispensers for you to enjoy. Get ready for an assortment of cute sweet fun!

Order your Big Candy Box today, get ready to share because this is too much candy for one person!

Just look at what we sent in June:


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What's in the box?

Each month we choose the latest seasonal Japanese candies, DIY kits, and even candy dispensers that are as much toy as they are packaging. You always get to try something new and exciting when you open your Big Candy Box. 

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What our customers say

See HelloSubscription's detailed review of our February 2016 Big Candy Box, where they note that not only is our box "stuffed to the gills with colourful candy and treats", but also that they are "blown away at how many DIY kits were in this!"

Fantastic selection of Japanese goodies!! We are so impressed with the quality and assortment! The box is so well packed, it’s hard to believe it came from so far away! We are very very happy!! Great job !
— Pete T - Toronto, Canada
I love the unpredictability of the candy you receive. Each candy had eye popping packaging and it tasted as good as it looked. My kids and their friends loved it!!!!
— Jake T - Edmonton, Canada
I got my big box, and the sheer intensity of the candy packaging was dazzling. The sushi kit was really fun, and it tasted terrific - making little candy fish roe was a big highlight. I loved the ginger ale chewing gum, too... but the big highlight was today: we opened the bag of chocolate corn, and it was shockingly good. I regret that there’s very little left for tomorrow.
— Cibby P - Sydney, Australia
Box arrived! Liked the variety but my favorite was the candy soda dispenser. The ramen snack was… interesting, tasted like a bag of chips but mini ramen bowls instead? Suggestion include a drink to wash it down next time! (:
— Jessie C - Edmonton, Canada
Awesome. I was so excited when I got my package of hand picked Japanese candy. Also had a surprise Cheerios like cookie pack. What a great diversity of candy items in one box. My friends love it too!
— Simplicious S - Edmonton, Canada
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1: Order

Order now to receive your our latest monthly selection of delight, packed with an assortment of DIY candy kits, limited edition treats, dispensers and more.

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2: Delivery

We send all packages airmail by Japan Post to ensure a safe and speedy delivery. ETA is 2 weeks, plus any customs or postal service delays in your country.

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3: Enjoy

Your Big Candy Box arrives full with 2 lbs of treats direct from Japan! A helpful legend explains what's what and how to use the DIY kits.

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Do you have a favorite DIY kit you're looking forward to? Let us know if you have any special requests.

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